Create a project and design it step by step.

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Hi, I’m starting to focus on what I’ve been planning to do for a long time. I started learning Flutter a few months ago. And now I’m continuing the work I left in the middle of. At this stage, I started writing everything I learned.

First, I created a project called” flutter_ui”. Everything will go through this project. I’ll share this project on GitHub. At the same time, I will share the codes I have written piecemeal through GitHub Gist. When you’re learning something or looking for a piece of work…

Using a free theme can be one of the best ways to develop the design and learn.

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Hello! Today I tried one of the Vue JavaScript themes. Vue.js offers paid and free themes through its own site. From what I’ve reviewed, more features have been added to the free theme and are available in paid form. Your choice should depend on what you want to accomplish. If you have enough information regarding Vue.js, I recommend going for the free version.

You can access the site here.

I used the Now UI Kit theme.

I chose an area within the theme, and I wanted to change it. …

We as humans have standardized a very important sentence

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Recently, the general discourses that I have observed in people have begun to form. These discourses are the main and very common sentences of “I am nothing, I am an ordinary person”.

As part of my observations, I have noticed that the lifestyles of people who say these phrases are similar. It’s usually used by people who can’t be part of a job.

They cannot offer themselves a factor to prove that they are special.
It could have occurred in the opposite way, of course.

While there is no such situation yet, he may have received and adopted this sentence…

I love this writer-musician duo.

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Some people like to listen to music while reading books. I am one of these people. I have kinds of music that I associate with the books I read. When I read those books, I want to listen to that music. I feel like I need to listen to that music from somewhere deep down. When I read that book, If I listen to that music, I feel like I’m part of that novel.

Of course, in the books, stories, or novels we read, We feel like we’re there. If it doesn’t happen that way, we don’t taste what we…

Adding style to your Angular applications on the basis of components with separate style files helps you create a more modular design.

Today, I have prepared an article for you about component styles in Angular. By now, I’ve memorized how this actually works but for this article, I did my research by studying samples and understanding the logic. So, I have prepared this article for you with plenty of examples. I hope you’ll find it useful.

I used Angular’s own documentation while writing this. You can access the link here.

You can use CSS standards directly in your Angular applications. …

It all started after graduation

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I graduated from the University in 2019. I’m a software engineer, my interests are in mobile and web development. Before graduating, I worked part-time for a company for about a year. During my time working, I made improvements in web development.

Until I started working there, all I knew about the software world was lessons.
The worst part is that when you see things at school, you don’t want to do it. Before we even get to the point, you’re cooling off from your chosen profession.

Our epoch had a great shortage of university teachers. After unfortunate events in our…

Death is the easy way for you, isn’t it? Give up?

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I want you to close your eyes and think that your life is a field where you can step forward. You take one step, then another step, but when you take one step, you don’t see your next step.
Isn’t that how life is, we can think and plan our next step, but we can’t see what the next step will be without living it.

I wonder if the next step is within my plans. What if it’s not, what if we didn’t go as planned, then what? Think about where you came from in your field formed by your…

What makes you trust yourself?

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If the source of the problem is really man himself, it is man himself who can fix it.

We have to rely on ourselves for a lot of things we do, including our personal needs. For example, even thinking about trying out a new recipe or picking up the heavy pot at the top of the cupboard shows our self-confidence. These are multi-day jobs, even some people jobs that they do all the time.

So, do these people know their self-confidence when they do these jobs.

People don’t usually notice self-confidence. We, humans, are in such a way of thinking…

Belki de her türlü seçmem gerekiyordu

Sabah rutininde uyanmışsın, şafak sökmek üzere. Yaz da olsa şafak vakti sonuçta, hava buz gibi. Erken uyandın ya kendindesin, uyanmak zorda olsa beş dakika sonrasında uykudan eser kalmamış. Kahvaltını yapıyorsun, sonra bu son bardak olsun diye içtiğin çayının son yudumunu da içiyorsun ve evdekileri Allah’a emanet edip, kapıyı kapatıp çıkıyorsun.

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Yürüyorsun, yolların yarısı diken, dikenlerin üstüne basa basa geçmek zorunda kalıyorsun, tam düzlüğe varacakken koca koca taşlar çıkıyor. Bu sefer taşlara dikkat etmeye başlıyorsun, takılıpta düşmeyeyim diye. Çünkü sen düşersen ne olur, düşünmek bile içinden gelmiyor. Sadece düşmemen lazım.

Here Is an Answer, How Can I Start?

Hello, I’ve decided to share this post so that you can start the Vue.js. I’m sharing these little notes with you so you can find out what Vue.js is and what it’s not. I’m new started learning, and as I learn, I want to make sure that others benefit. Pleasant reading.

As I mentioned in my first article, Vue.js, there are different methods of using Vue.js. Vue.js using CDN in this post we’ll learn to code with js. The previous Vue.js/what is Vue.js you can access my article through the link.

Let’s remember how the CDN was used;



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